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The hands down leader in bone density screening.
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About Us

Lone Oak Medical Technologies, LLC. was founded for the purpose of manufacturing, distributing, and servicing the accudxa2® bone density measuring device, thereby significantly broadening citizen access to BMD screening and osteoporosis risk assessment worldwide. The accudxa2® is a lightweight (11.8 kg), compact (0.03 m3), and easy-to-use bone mineral densitometer that scans a patient’s middle finger (medial phalange) and reports results in minutes. The accudxa2® utilizes super-accurate Dual X-ray Absorptiometry (DXA), the gold standard in bone mineral densitometry. Unlike its larger and vastly more expensive cousin, the central DXA, the accudxa2® is highly affordable and non-invasive. Scan results are reported digitally on the device’s touch screen and include BMD, BMC, T-score, and Z-score values (which are key factors in assessing a patient’s overall fracture risk). accudxa2® scan results can also be printed from the unit using commercially-available printers. Bone mineral density screening couldn't be easier.

Lone Oak is actively engaged in research leading to improvements in peripheral BMD measurement.

The founders are listed below:

Alan Keim


Alan R. Keim has a 40 year history in sales and management in the field of medical equipment especially medical radiology. As a founding member of Lone Oak, Alan has a long history of success in this and related fields, with the accudxa2® design team having previously designed the i-CAT® cone beam CAT scanner for dentistry, a related and first-of-its-kind product. Mr. Keim helped Schick design the original accuDXA® by providing the high frequency compact x-ray generator. This unit provides a reliable accurate x-ray output time and time again.

David Comley


David Comley has a 25 year background in software development, Information Technology, electronics and quality management and is a co-founder of the company. Mr Comley led the software development effort for the accudxa2® and is actively engaged in research leading to improvements in peripheral BMD measurement using the middle phalange.

Scott Wiggins

Scott Wiggins

Scott Wiggins joins Lone Oak following a 28-year career as a teacher, coach, and administrator in independent education, the last eleven of which were served as headmaster of New England independent schools. Punctuating his tenure as an educator, Scott attended law school and practiced patent and trademark law in Philadelphia for a brief time before serving as an assistant district attorney in Chester County, PA from 1989 to 1993. Scott holds a BA in Chemistry from Boston University and a JD from The Sandra Day O’Connor School of Law at Arizona State University.

Jon Singer

Jon Singer has a 25 year background in mechanical engineering including a graduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania Moore School Of Engineering. Mr Singer initiated the idea of using Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DXA) measurements at the finger as a simple way to screen patients at high risk of osteoporosis. Although measuring bone loss using DXA was already well established, it was Mr. Singer who developed the precise measuring equipment and the software algorithms to do these measurements precisely time after time, and equally precisely between each machine.

Joe Glatz

Joe Glatz started his career as a test technician in the late 1970's on airplane radios. He then moved up the preverbial corporate ladder taking a position as a development technician working on CNC controls and motor drives through the 1980's. Joe was then employed in the 1990's working as an electronic engineering technician on designing motor drives and power supply’s. As that job wound down by 2000, Joe was employed working as an electronic engineer on 3D cone beam X-ray machines. From 2009 to date, Joe has been a valuable asset to Lone Oak Medical Technologies as their chief electronic engineer designing their X-ray power supplies.