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accudxa2® Sales

We now have new Model 7200 units for sale. Please email or call 888-818-4263 for sales assistance.

Please note: factory reconditioned Model 7100 units are no longer available.

Purchase Options

Lone Oak Medical Technologies offers several options for obtaining the Model 7200 accudxa2®.
  • Outright Purchase
  • Lease Options - 24, 36, or 48 month periods. Lease payments will be delayed up to 90 days. No penalty for early buyout. $1.00 buyout fee at the end of each lease.

Return on Investment

Of course, the best return on investment for a practicing doctor is the peace of mind knowing that every patient suffering bone density loss has an accurate, early detection solution available to them...the accudxa2®. Since the accudxa2® is so easy to use, and since it exposes patients with less radiation than an afternoon at the beach, patients of all ages can be safely tested.

Check out pricing and the accudxa2® impressive ROI