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accudxa2® Support

Please view our User Guide by clicking here.

Basic Troubleshooting

If you are having difficulty with your accudxa2®, please review the following basic troubleshooting guidelines before contacting us for technical support:


Items to Check

Machine will not power on when the front panel power button is pressed Ensure that you are pressing and holding the power button down for at least 2 seconds. Check that power cord is properly connected at the wall outlet and on the back of the accudxa2®. Check that the master power switch on the rear of the unit is in the on position. Check the fuses and if necessary replace with the same type of fuse. Note: the accudxa2® uses two fuses in the receptacle on the rear. Please consult the accudxa2® User Guide for information and warnings about fuse replacement.
Machine powers up but fails system checks check with an error code 169 or 170 (Wedge Verification Errors) Ensure that there is nothing at all in the handport. All phantoms, fingers and other items should be absent from the machine’s hand port before switching on. Ensure that the unit has only one plastic sensor cover installed (refer to the accudxa2® User Guide for instructions on how to replace the sensor cover, or consult the video in our video gallery)
Machine passes system checks but fails the sensor verification test with an error code 172 ("Sensor Verification Error: X-ray source failure or switch was not pressed. Try Again") When the machine prompts you to press the Scan button, ensure that you press and hold the scan button until the "Release Scan Button" message is displayed. This may take 5 or 6 seconds to complete.
Machine displays Error Code 178 ("X-ray System Error") Under some circumstances when the machine has not been used for a while, or has been used intensively and then allowed to cool off, the X-ray system needs to perform an internal recalibration. 1. If Error 178 is displayed during System Check or during a BMD Test, retry the Sensor Verification test or BMD Test two or three times. This will allow the X-ray system to perform internal recalibration. 2. If after three attempts the error has not cleared, power cycle the accudxa2® and retry the Sensor Verification Test. If the error continues to be displayed, contact Lone Oak Medical Technologies for technical support.
Unit fails Phantom Test Ensure that you are using the phantom that was supplied with the unit. Phantoms intended for the Model 7100 or for DXA devices from other manufacturers are not compatible with the Model 7200. Fingers are not an acceptable substitute for the correct phantom. If you have lost the accudxa2® Model 7200 phantom, replacements are available from Lone Oak Medical Technologies.
Unit will not print Please consult the User Guide for information on how to properly connect a printer to the accudxa2®. Ensure that the printer you are using is currently listed on the accudxa2® Supported Printer List. Ensure that the printer is properly connected to the USB port on the back of the unit, and that the printer is powered up, has ink and paper. Ensure that the printer icon is displayed in the status bar of the accudxa2® Main Menu display. Ensure that the print heads are clean. Please consult your printer’s documentation for information about how to check ink levels and run a cleaning cycle on the print head.
Unit displays Error Code 185 (“Warning: the operator must run the Phantom Test within the next (n) BMD tests to verify system performance”) Run a phantom test as described in the User Guide. If the phantom test passes, the Error Code 185 will clear and the machine will return to normal operation. If the accudxa2® Model 7200 fails the phantom test, retry the test after ensuring that you are using the correct phantom and positioning it properly. If the phantom test fails again, contact Lone Oak Medical Technologies for technical support.
The unit starts up but displays a black and white maintenance mode screen Power cycle the unit. It will reboot to the normal accudxa2® Model 7200 System Check display. If the unit repeatedly boots to the black and white maintenance mode screen, please contact Lone Oak Medical Technologies for technical support.

Supported Printers

Please consult the Supported Printers List ( to determine which printers are currently supported by the accudxa2®.

Latest Software Version

The latest accudxa2® software version is R2.05. If your unit is running an older version please contact Lone Oak Medical Technologies to determine whether an upgrade is applicable to your machine.

Contacting Lone Oak Medical Technologies for Support

Before contacting us for support, please review the Basic Troubleshooting guidance on this page. This helps you avoid unnecessary shipping costs, troubleshooting calls and downtime. If you cannot resolve your problem using the guidance on this page, please have the following information/items to hand before calling us:
  • Model number and serial number of the unit you are calling about
  • Your finger phantom and accessory box. For some types of problem we will need you to return the phantom with the machine for verification
  • A contact number where we can reach you
  • The original packaging for the unit, if you are planning to return it to us

Returning your accudxa2® Model 7200 for Repair, Service or Calibration

Lone Oak Medical Technologies provides service, repair and calibration support for the accudxa2® Model 7200. These services may be provided under warranty, or will be subject to a charge if the unit is outside warranty and not covered by the extended warranty. In either case, if you need to send an accudxa2® to us for technical support, repair, calibration or service, you must contact us first (see Contacting Lone Oak for Support) and we will issue an RA number which you should apply on the outside of the box before shipping the unit to us. We cannot accept unsolicited returned units without an RA number. We specifically recommend shipping the accudxa2® in the Lone Oak-supplied packing carton that was custom-designed to protect your equipment while it is in transit. If you discarded the original packaging, please let us know so we can send another box and inserts out to you. Please be aware that there may be a charge for this. Under no circumstances should you ship the machine with packing peanuts or other loose packaging materials. These could cause further damage to your unit and are not covered by warranty. When you pack up your unit for shipment, please use the polythene bag and foam inserts provided. Seal the edges of the outer carton with packing tape but before you seal the box, make sure you remembered to include:
  • The accudxa2® unit for evaluation
  • Your RA number
  • Your accessory box including the finger phantom
Once we receive your accudxa2®, we will notify you of receipt and will evaluate the unit prior to advising you of any work that needs to be done.