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The hands down leader in bone density screening.
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Product Overview

The accudxa2® Bone Mineral Density (BMD) Assessment System provides a quick, convenient, and economical measure for determining a patient's fracture risk. Download our brochure

Sophisticated Technology right in your office

Though small in size, the accudxa2® is packed with sophisticated technology. Everything you need to quickly and confidently assess your patient's BMD is housed within the unit. The simple test can be performed right in your office and does not require the removal of garments or the application of messy gels or creams. Unlike its most similar peripheral DXA competitors, the accudxa2® comes as a compact, self-contained unit that does not require the attachment of external PC drives, keyboards, or screens to achieve functionality, nor a separate lift assembly to move the device into position for screening. While the accudxa2® and its most similar competitors boast impressive and comparable precision and accuracy attributes, the accudxa2® is half the weight and a third the size of its most similar competitors: it is simply the most portable peripheral DXA device on the market today. The accudxa2® also features a lower effective radiation dose than either of its closest competitors, which produce effective radiation doses 500 to 250,000 times that of the accudxa2®. As an added plus, the accudxa2® requires no installation – simply place it on a lab bench or table, plug it into a wall receptacle, turn it on, and the device is ready to go.

Increased Quality of Care

The accudxa2® enables physicians to comply with National Osteoporosis Testing recommendations, and helps manage periodic osteoporosis screening for at-risk patients.

Fast Results

Results are achieved utilizing super-accurate Dual X-ray Absorptiometry (DXA), the industry standard for BMD. Accudxa2 Bone Density Test Simply place the patient's hand in the unit, following a simple set of commands on the view screen. The scan time is less than ten seconds, and the overall exam can be completed in two minutes. With its touchscreen front panel, accudxa2® is completely self contained and does not require an external computer.
Download an accudxa2® Sample Printout Report >>

Clinically Proven

The accudxa2® analyzes the finger, a site with over 50 years of clinical acceptance. accudxa2®'s low precision error (<1%) allows for the detection of changes over time.

Low Radiation

Scatter to the operator is only 1/15,000th of the weekly radiation exposure limit. Patient exposure is 0.0003 uSv or 1/150,000th of a typical chest x-ray.

Cost Effective

The accudxa2® is a highly affordable BMD assessment system. Medicare pays $28 – $30 (CPT code 77081) per test. Plus, most private insurance companies reimburse slightly more – giving you the potential for a quick return on investment. The ease of use and short test time of the accudxa2® will help attract new patients.

Easy to Implement, Simple to Interpret

The accudxa2® is easy to implement requiring little to no training to conduct the test. The Bone Mineral Densitometry Report is automatically printed with a press of a button onto a single sheet of paper and includes the necessary patient information, BMD, BMC, T-score and Z-scores. The accudxa2® features a preset radiographic technique that cannot be changed by the operator. This allows anyone on the medical staff to operate the unit under the doctor's supervision. The unit's laser alignment positioning ensures accurate placement of the hand with every test. The accudxa2 Model 7200’s 8GB memory allows up to 4000 patient test records to be stored and reviewed within the unit, and patient test records can be transferred to a desktop computer or server. Nothing could be easier. Sample Report Click the links below for more product information: