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Although the majority of Lone Oak Medical Technologies' products are used by primary care and osteoporosis specialists to screen their patients, the list that follows provides examples of how other organizations are employing the accudxa2® BMD Assessment System.

National Osteoporosis Awareness Health

National Osteoporosis Health AwarenessThe National Osteoporosis Awareness Health (NOAH) Project has provided Osteoporosis Bone Mineral Density Screenings using the accudxa2® Bone Mineral Density Assessment System throughout the United States since 1997.

The NOAH Project is presently providing accudxa2® Bone Mineral Density Screenings in the Southern Appalachian Region of the United States. This service is being applied to both Self-Pay Clients and Medicare Beneficiaries throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia and surrounding states.

NOAH is being reimbursed by Medicare for this service. Because of this, NOAH expects to do hundreds of screenings annually.

NOAH has developed a short, online course for training medical personal how to use the accudxa2® BMD Assessment System efficiently, how to interact with and explain to patients how osteoporosis might affect them, and describe what steps patients can take to prevent it. This course is available for a nominal fee. Go to for more information.

Pharmacy Sponsored Health Fairs

Pharmacy sponsored health fairsA national US pharmacy chain sponsors health fairs at their locations throughout the United States. These health fairs include conventional screening procedures, and they test for low bone density. The pharmacy estimates that they test over 50,000 people a year – a sure way to catch some of those 70% of post-menopausal woman who go undetected each year.

OsteoStrong LLC

OsteoStrong LLCThe mission at OsteoStrong is to help improve bone health, increase strength, and improve balance naturally. Not a gym, diet or drug, OsteoStrong is the new natural way to improve bone health, increase strength and balance. People with osteoporosis, joint and back pain, sports performance issues, loss of flexibility, nerve damage, loss of balance, and loss of strength will benefit the most from the OsteoStrong program.

Please check their website ( for more information and franchisees opportunities.

Testing Patients with Previous Fractures

Medicare AdvantageA Medicare Advantage company is improving its Medicare rating by testing clients with previous bone fractures -- regardless of the fracture type. The Company reports that they usually test 20 to 30 patients per week. They have found that 30% of all women tested have low bone density mass. The percentage is even greater in women with previous bone fractures.

Corporate Health Fairs

Corporate Health FairsMajor companies in the United States, and many parts of the world, sponsor corporate health fairs to help their employees stay healthy. A health fair is an opportunity for companies to promote health and improve employees' health awareness and personal health practices.

Health fairs can be full of activity, learning, and engaging employees in answers to their questions about all types of health topics. By hosting annual health fairs, organization are demonstrating their commitment to improving healthy lifestyles. Companies that provide employees with regular health awareness opportunities have a higher return on investment for their wellness programs. They provide a positive engagement and a truly rewarding time for their employees.

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